Can I Watch You Go to the Bathroom?

There will always be some guys into quite filthy practices and kinks. They equate filth with sexiness. One caller when you answer the phone says, “Can I watch you go to the bathroom?” Charming, eh? Well it’s harmless enough I suppose, but not all ladies will be willing to entertain such fantasies. Watersports, otherwise known as peeing, pissing, urinating, is sexy to some guys. They love the idea of being peed on by a woman, or perhaps even doing the peeing themselves on a submissive woman. On her face and hair and tits. Like a dog marking their territory.

Some ladies are fine with this and are even happy to put the phone down and go pee on your call so you can hear the pee hit the water. Now many ladies know an orgasm on a full bladder is certainly more intense than without a full bladder, but it’s messy and usually just not worth the effort, so it’s not something most do. Some guys live to please a lady in such a condition though and are happy to have their faces pissed on and even drink it as they go down on them during such a time of bladder fullness.

Some guys just love the visual of pee coming out of a woman and that alone can make them aroused and want to stroke their own cocks. Not many women want to see the same of men though. I’m sure some women somewhere find the site of men peeing arousing, but it seems to be more like men wanting it and some women agreeing to go along with it, but not with much pleasure for themselves in doing so. Are you a dirty, piss loving bastard that wants to watch or at the very least hear a woman take a piss? Maybe one of the dirty ladies here will humor you and your dirty kinks.

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