Fucking the Neighbor

Recently I moved into a new condo building. I didn’t realize until after I’d moved in it was mainly a building of older people, but I didn’t mind, since it’s quiet. The couple across the hall is really nice, the husband especially. He and I met down by the pool one day and had a long talk. He shared some personal info with me and it was only later I got the idea why. He said his wife’s health isn’t that great, and he really misses having someone to be intimate with. I then realized after I thought back on the conversation, he was checking to see if I might be interested in being his fuck buddy.

He is old enough to be my father, but he’s a very attractive and fit older man. I bet when he was young he would have been a real looker. We started to meet for coffee and then went a few places together. His wife always seemed to be not that well and resting at home. He came over to my unit one day rather than go out for coffee and we were soon lovers. He was honestly a great lover, very passionate and he had lots of stamina. I felt a bit guilty with his wife being just across the hall and she was so nice, but he said sex with her was in the past and was never going to happen again.

He came over several times a week. I often wondered if others in the building suspected anything, but no one said anything or gave me odd looks or anything. He had a big cock and he loved to fuck. We fuck in every position imaginable and he makes me cum multiple times when we do get together. He’s very good at licking pussy and I do enjoy sucking his cock before he fucks me to get him hard. I’m not sure how long it will last, but both of us are pretty happy with our little arrangement as it is.

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