Masturbation Humiliation

One of my favorite callers is into something a little different I haven’t gotten much of before. He likes to be humiliated for masturbating at all. He feels he shouldn’t do it and wants to be mocked and made fun of for doing so. I’ve had a few in the past that were quite religious and felt guilty for doing so. They even mentioned they went to church groups with other men trying to “break the habit” and apparently have meetings, like alcoholics anonymous where they try and talk about their failures and “falling off the wagon.”

The first time I heard about this, I was honestly shocked someone would feel at all guilty for masturbating of all things. One night stands with strangers, dangerous sex, I can understand the guilt there, but what on earth harm is masturbating yourself to anyone? There isn’t any harm. I often say, would you feel guilty if you were tired and you slept? Of if you were thirsty and you had a drink of water, or if hungry if you ate? No. Of course you wouldn’t, but relieving your naturally occurring horniness is apparently cause of guilt for more people than we would think.

Some were punished terribly when they were caught doing it growing up, that is just cruel to do that to a child. It’s carried over into adulthood for many that are still seeking some form of older female acceptance for their masturbating. It’s kind of sad really. Yet it goes on. Many that seek acceptance understand there’s nothing wrong with it now, but a few are still seeking that deep sense of humiliation and be made to feel guilty. There’s all kinds of long standing emotional trauma out there from bad parenting decisions decades ago. So it’s hard to want to humiliate them further, yet some genuinely seek it.

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