My Sexy Tutor

When I was in school, I needed some help with a tutor for my most difficult class. The guy I found was smart, but pretty nerdy and a gook. After a few lessons though, I found myself attracted to him and I wanted to get to know him better. I started to come on to him, and I think I made him uncomfortable since he was kind of naturally shy. He said I’d really improved, so he didn’t see the need for too many more lessons. I did not want the tutoring to end though, since I’d not be able to see him again when it did.

I told him I wanted to get to know him better and go out with him, I figured if I made a fool of myself, I wouldn’t need to see him again so what did I have to lose in saying that? Nothing really. He looked so shocked and even blushed a little. It was charming to see a guy react that way, most are aggressive, and he was anything but. I knew I’d have to make the first move, so I put my hand on his thigh and started to rub it up and down and I took his hand and placed it on my breast.

He was almost timid, yet I got him hard. I stood up and removed my clothes, I had a feeling seeing me naked would get him going, and I was right. Once I took the lead, he did follow and we were soon fucking on my desk. He had a nice cook and I loved feeling it in me. I cum really easily, so he loved when I came on his cock and that prompted him to blow his load. We played for a while, then he said he had another tutoring appointment. I told him to come back next week, but he’s so shy, I wasn’t sure he’d come. He did though, and we saw each other for most of the next year. Fun times I had with that boy!

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