Riding My Guy

I’ve always preferred the woman on top position, it gives me the best control to have an orgasm easily. My guy seems to like me taking control as well. The one on top does all the work pretty much, so he’s happy to just lay back and let me do all the heavy lifting. My clit rubs against his cock so nicely when I get in just the right position. I told him how when I was younger I used to masturbate by humping my pillow and I was on top then and I still love it now. I was always worried my mom would walk in on me and catch me, but thankfully that never happened.

How many other young girls learned to masturbate by rubbing their pussies against their pillows? Many, I’d imagine. My mom was always asking me why I was changing my pillow cases so much, lol. I told her I spelt with my mouth open and drooled on them so wanted fresh ones a lot. She never questioned it. If only she knew I was bucking my hips back and forth like a horny little masturbating slut. I’d hold my pussy lips open, exposing my clit and just buck back and forth on the bunched up pillow and cum. Now it’s my boyfriend’s cock I buck back and forth on.

He loves it when I get so wet strings of my pussy juice coat his cock and drip onto his balls. My nipples right in his face for him to suck on as I fuck him hard. I only need a couple of moments rest before going for my second orgasm. It’s always so fun to have a partner that can last as long as I need them to and I can make myself cum over and over.

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