I Came for My Doctor

I moved recently so had to get all new doctors and dentists and all. I asked a woman at my new office who she recommended and she said her doctor was great. She had kind of an odd expression on her face when she said it, but in a good way. She did not elaborate. I made an appointment the following week and thought he seemed a little different somehow than other doctors I’d been to. He removed the sheet covering me and I was completely naked laying there on the table, I felt so exposed.

He said he was going to need to check my orgasmic response, which threw me for a loop, I’d never had a doctor say that before, but I was willing to go along and see what this was all about. He lubed up his gloved fingers and examined me and began to massage my clit and he put some kind of probe in my pussy. I just laid there and was unsure what to do, so I just went with it. He said he could feel my clitoris stiffening, a good response to his manual stimulation. He worked his fingers harder and harder and I knew I was going to cum.

He began to tell me how in the olden days doctors used to manually masturbate women to cure “hysteria”, and that’s why the vibrator had originally been invented, so doctors were not having to tire their hands and fingers all day doing the “pelvic massage.” I had read that before, and he said he liked doing things the old fashioned way. I could feel the first waves of orgasm approaching, and he rubbed me through and said my orgasmic response was excellent. He told me to come back the following month to have it checked again. This was a bit unusual for sure, but I was game. Different town, different ways.

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