Nocturnal Caresses

One thing most of us have experienced is waking up horny. You are restless, or maybe had a sexy dream and just know you won’t be able to get back to sleep unless you have an orgasm. Maybe you woke up to go pee and once you get back in bed, your hand just begins to wander and all of a sudden you’re stroking that suddenly hard cock and making yourself cum, but you’re not totally awake. When you wake up in the morning you wonder if it was all a dream. It has a surreal quality to it, yet it’s very sensual.

Sometimes when you wake up, you still have that relaxed, post orgasmic feeling in your genitals and vaguely recall what happened, but can’t remember the specific details. Callers will sometimes call up in the middle of the night with a situation like this, where they woke up horny and need some relief before they go back to dreamland. They are not totally aware, just kind of out of it in a funny way, but certainly awake enough to know they need to give their hard cocks some attention and a good massage. Precum flowing, cock standing up and needing some self love.

Have you maybe just woken up now and are horny? Is your hand wandering down to that hard dick of yours and is stroking away? Masturbation is always so much nicer with someone to talk to. Maybe we to are freshly awake and our pussies are needing some attention and we are stroking them idly. Our hard clits and nipples, oh please pick up that phone and let’s enjoy one another, dawn isn’t far away. Let the ecstasy overtake us and enjoy our masturbation together. You know you won’t regret it, your full balls will thank you.

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