I Want Them Cut Off

One interesting call I had was from a man that wants his balls removed. He’s certainly not the first caller to make such a statement, either. He suffers from sexual anxiety. He hasn’t fucked his wife in over seven years, but he has an average sized penis. He can’t get erect and is a premature ejaculator. He can however get erect and last during masturbation, so it’s strictly a psychological issue. He’s been to several therapists over the years, done all their recommended exercises and to no avail. He said he doesn’t understand why they just cannot accept some men are just sexual failures. Some cannot be helped.

He’s right, some are beyond help or really do not want help deep down. You cannot save someone that does not want to be saved. So his wife fucks other men and he knows it. He considered divorce at first, but he ultimately realizes he cannot blame her, since he can never provide a normal sex life. He’s also infertile and said his wife had three miscarriages, he knew none of them were his. So, coming to the conclusion his genitals are useless, he feels removal is likely best. I said many men should be “de-balled”.

He said he’d fantasized about a world where most men were made to be eunuchs, that the top twenty percent would be the breeders and lovers, the bottom eighty percent would be castrated and made to be the beta male family men that would have no sex lives or drive whatsoever. It was an interesting conversation to be sure. It would prove to be an interesting experiment, even if it was just in one country, but he felt it should be worldwide for women to benefit universally. He said his balls should go, as they serve no purpose whatsoever.

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