Fuck Me, Baby…

I’m a very passionate person and I’m so glad my boyfriend is just as passionate. I’ve been in relationships before where the guys just didn’t want sex as much as I did and that can leave you feeling rejected, so to find someone with as high of a sex drive as me is a very good thing. People think all men have insatiable sex drives, but that is certainly not the case. I’ve heard from plenty of men over the years that felt put upon by their higher sex drive girlfriends and I would think you pussy, you can’t even satisfy her, what a worm you really are.

One caller used to pretend to be asleep half the time when his girlfriend would come over to his side of the bed looking for some affection, it was just too much trouble for him and he felt pressure to perform. It’s actually surprising how many times I’ve heard it. Couples many times have very badly mismatched sex drives. Some guys want it all the time and their wives feel they are doing them a favor allowing them to fuck them once a year, then like I said, you have the guys that are simply not up to the task and will hide to avoid sex.

Relationships like this are bound to be unhappy, they are likely to be unfaithful ones as well, and who can blame them? If you don’t feed a man at home, can you really blame him for going out to eat? So many pitiful men I talk to, the happy ones are the rare ones. Make your own happiness, get a girlfriend or go to escorts if you don’t have the balls to leave the ice princess. Life’s a banquet and most poor bastards are starving.

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