Away On Business

I started working at this new place recently and the boss is this handsome older man. I usually do not go for older men, but he’s got a real charm about him and I was quite attracted to him and he to me, from the way he acted in any case. I then had this project come up where I had longer hours than usual and he was working on it as well, and we got to know one another better and he said he’d like to get to know me better and would I accompany him on a business trip later that month as his secretary? I agreed.

We were not in the rooms long before things got naughty. The two rooms had an a joining door, and he came in while I was getting changed, and since I’d hoped something might happen on this trip, I’d only brought sexy underwear, so I was wearing this slinky matching bra and panties set and with stocking and as soon as he walked in and saw me in that, I could see his pants grow tighter. I smiled and looked downwards. He advanced towards me and was soon laying me down on the bed and removing the lingerie.

We did get some business done that weekend away, but we spent more time than not fucking and playing with one another. His cock was large and thick and he knew just how to use it, I was thrilled at what a good lover he was, determined to get me to break my orgasm record I’d told him about, and with a bit of effort, he was able to do it. I think we will be working longer hours at the office for a while, and enjoying every minute of it. I will be bent over that desk of his any time he’d like me to be.

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