Watch Me Get Fucked

My hubby is a nice guy, but there’s no denying his dick is just too small to get the job done, so I’ve had other lovers on the side since shortly after we started going out. I told him that was a condition, I’d still be seeing other men. He was ok with that, since he knew his little three inch cock was pretty useless. Recently he started to ask if he could watch me get fucked and I was fine with that, so I started to invite my lovers home, and at first he watched from the closet, but he’s gotten more bold and been watching from the corner of the room now.

He strokes his little cock as I get fucked and licked by a man that ha s a big dick, one that can make me cum from his mouth, his fingers, and his dick. I used to hold back a little since I was being watched, but I find the more it happens the more comfortable I am, so I just let go and am natural about my sounds, my movements, and it’s nice to just enjoy it, and hubby enjoys it in his own way as well.

He is good at licking pussy, and I must say, he’s gotten quite the taste for the cum of another man that’s left in my cunt after one of my sessions. I like feeling all warm and gooey and then having him lap it out of me. He feels inadequate around another naked man, but he loves knowing the pleasure I am getting, and I do get lots of pleasure from my sexual adventures with other men and then getting cleaned out by my husband, so it seems to be working so far, we will see how much further it goes as time goes on.

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