Let’s All Have A Drink


One of the things about drinking, it can make you feel hornier, yet sad thing is, it makes you less able to actually perform. Double edged sword there. The pleasure of having sex while intoxicated if you can indeed cum, can be very nice indeed. Some callers dial you up drunk and then can’t cum. The old whiskey dick comes into play. Alcohol relaxes you and is a depressant, so it makes things not work as well as they do if you are not intoxicated. I used to think it was just men affected by this, but learned it does affect women as well.

I had a bottle of wine and found it was indeed harder to cum after it, even though it was low alcohol wine with half the amount of alcohol in it, it wasn’t enough to make me even feel intoxicated, but had enough of an effect on my system that it was indeed a challenge to cum, yet you feel pretty nice with a slight buzz for sure.

Some drunks get mean, others just loud and laugh a lot, they are much more fun! I always like getting a caller on the line that has had too much to drink, as they are always going to last longer since it’s harder to cum, if they even can at all. Some just can’t no matter how hard they work away at it, it’s sad since they are so horny yet literally cannot cum no matter how great the efforts on their behalf are.

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