Toys For Men


Many times when we hear of sex toys, we automatically think of vibrators for women. Women are the primary buyers of sex toys after all. However there are more and more sex toys out there just for men. Lots of men greatly enjoy prostate stimulation and there are countless varieties out there of butt plugs, vibrating and not and of various sizes. There are tons of masturbators out there like Fleshlights and even full sized life like love dolls. Some are so real looking, you’d give them a second glance.

Many have the price tags to go with them, with top of the line life sized love dolls that are custom ordered and styled at over $10,000 and above. I’d be pretty creeped out if I saw any guy of mine with one of them, but there is obviously a market for them, someone is buying them even at that great price. Many online sex shops often have over 5000 products, the numbers of things out there for men and women is staggering, you often wonder who comes up with these items. There is certainly something out there for every taste and proclivity.

A number of callers have called using Fleshlights and a few with pocket pussies and they seem to greatly enjoy them, I guess if they don’t have a real pussy at their disposal, a Fleshlight even at around $100 is cheaper than an average date, so they figure the Fleshlight is a better investment that will last more than 4 hours the average date of dinner and a movie would, so even though toys can be pricy, still cheaper in many cases than a date. The 10K love doll not so much, so that’s for the real fans and or ones that can’t get a real girl, but you could get an escort a number of times, I’d think that better than a doll.

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