I Wanna Fuck Your Feet!


Foot jobs and foot lovers all over may be lining up to get one of these. Creepy as it is to masturbate with what looks like a severed foot, ones can now slide their dick into a Fleshlight type toy in the shape of a foot and get off into it. Complete with fancy, strappy sandals for full effect. I guess if your foot fetish extended to shoe fetish, you could even buy new shoes to go on your new masturbation toy.

There are many sorts of disembodied body parts you can find on online sex toy shops, from breasts, asses, pussies, torsos, heads, it looks like a cleaned up crime scene pic minus the blood and gore. All I can think of is some Dexter episode gone horribly awry when I see these “parts” that guys are masturbating with. A Fleshlight I kind of get, it’s not too creepy, but some of these are full size body part simulators, some you can even fill up with warm water to make feel *body temperature*. The parts things seem even more creepy than the full sized expensive love dolls that are thousands of dollars.

I recall linking one such toy to a client once and asking him his opinion. He said he was sure it likely felt good, but after he’d cum he said he’d bet he’d be awash with an overwhelming sense of shame at it! I was laughing at his description. Another client I had acquired a pair of breasts that he loved to do titty fucks with, it has some sort of suction cup thing on the back and he’s stick it down to a table top and go to town on it and feel no such shame at all. I guess for some, they take the place of a real woman, but unless she was an amputee with a false leg, you wouldn’t be fucking into the hollow of her ankle.

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